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Senior Deputy District Attorney Candidate for US Representative District 39

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About Me

My Career

I am currently a Senior Deputy District Attorney. I have dedicated my life to prosecuting career criminals, rapists, child molesters and violent offenders. 

 I am a certified criminal law expert.

In my twenties I was a Probation Officer. I worked with both adult and juvenile offenders. I listened to their stories and learned from their mistakes. I worked with police officers, side-by-side. I was part of a gang suppression coalition that teamed with FBI agents, Social Service workers, Police Officers, and those in the educational system, to target violent gang members and re-integrate non-violent offenders into our community as productive members of society.

I am an advocate for women and children, and have fought for them daily for the past thirty years.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse and no longer consider myself a victim.

Why Me

I am a fighter for children, women and justice.  I will stand for what is right even when it means standing alone. 

I am tireless.  I began working as a cook, for a fast food chain, at age fifteen.  After high school, I worked full time and went to school at night. 

As a law student, while continuing to work full time, I started my family.  My two oldest were born while attending school, and I was pregnant with my youngest when I took and passed the Bar exam on my first attempt. 

I grew up a child of immigrants who instilled in me a fire to fight for what is right.

In 2015 I ran against a judge who promised his law students a job with the District Attorney in return for sexual favors in his chambers. I pushed back against the GOP leadership, the District Attorney (who was and still is my boss), and the leadership of the Orange County Sheriffs' union, who stood with the censured judge. I fought the 'establishment' because it was the right thing to do.

I love this country and this state and will continue to fight for the people and against corruption.

I have seen things from the perspective of an Immigrant, Student, Probation Officer, Prosecutor, Candidate and Mother.  

I am you. 

My Beliefs

I believe that our children are the gateway to change.

I believe that most problems start at home.

I believe children should be raised to be responsible adults and held accountable for their choices.

I believe in the support of our heroes, the ones that fight for my freedom, died for our flag, defend our nation, sacrifice their lives for my safety and fight crime on the streets that I live.

I believe that many in our society have embraced an ideology that police officers are the enemy, allowing a few bad apples to tarnish what is an honorable profession. 

I believe that power corrupts and that money buys power.  I will not allow those in power with money to bully me. 

I believe in never giving up.

I will fight for California!